Parents’ vote on school uniform

The Student Council has asked the Board of Management to introduce trousers as part of the school uniform. The school would also like to take this opportunity to gather parents’ opinions on this  through voting. We will also be surveying teachers and students on this issue.  Follow the link below to cast your vote. The link to the...

School Closed due to Status Red Weather Warning

For the health and safety of students and teachers, the school will remain closed tomorrow (Monday 16th October) due to the nationwide Status Red Weather Warning. The following statement was released by the Department of Education and Skills at on Sunday 15th October:
In response to the imminent Storm Ophelia, the Department of Education and Skills...

Children of a Digital Age: Annual Parents’ Meeting (10th Oct.)

The Annual Parents' Meeting will be taking place next Tuesday evening (1oth October) at 7.30pm in the School Library.

We are very excited to welcome our guest speaker, James Neary, who will be speaking on the topic of Internet saftety. His talk will include topics such as:
Sharing personal information, digital footprints, online reputation management, inappropriate content,...