Student Council

The Student Council

St Dominic’s College student council is a group of 16 students:

  • 1st Year – 2 Student Representatives
  • 2nd Year – 2 Student Representatives
  • 3rd Year – 2 Student Representatives
  • 4th Year – 2 Student Representatives
  • 5th Year – 4 Student Representatives
  • 6th Year - 4 Student Representatives

We have a chairperson and a deputy chairperson who are elected to their positions by the members of the council.

Over the years we have come up with various initiatives and resources that have benefited the lives of students and teachers. These include: Supervised study, water fountains, vending machines, bicycle racks and Happy Week.

Each year we organise an event called ‘Happy Week’. During this week we try to get the students involved as much as we can with various activities that promote a positive mental outlook.

We are the voice of the students in the school. Students come to us with any suggestions or issues and we discuss these matters at our weekly meetings!