Science Department

The Science Department at St Dominic's College, Cabra, is committed to connecting with every student.  In an environment of dedication, hard work, and integrity the students will develop the skills of observation, communication, independent study and critical thinking. The Science Department aims to promote a positive approach to the study of science. We know that science is integral to thousands of careers and life itself.  A quality basic understanding of science is key to survival in modern society.

Teachers in the Science Department:

  • Ciara McGarry
  • Adrienne Healy
  • Fiona Dockery
  • Sarah McNamara
  • Robert Whelan
  • Nigel Tierney
  • Dave McBride
  • Ger McDermott

Subjects within the Science Department:

Links and Resources:

This website has lots of inspirational, educational videos on a wide range of subject areas from experts or visionaries across the world.

This website has lots of short animations explaining various phenomena and events across a wide range of topics

This YouTube channel has a series of videos ranging across all topics relevant to both the Junior Cycle Science Learning Outcomes and the Senior Cycle Syllabus, particularly helpful for Leaving certificate Biology.

This YouTube channel has a series of videos on the body systems, particularly useful for Junior Cycle Science.

Science Gallery aims to ignites creativity and discovery where science and art collide, Science Gallery Dublin encourages young people to learn through their interests.