Programmes – Transition Year

The Transition Year Programme is an optional  year of study between Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate. Places are limited. Students may apply during their Third Year.  

Core subjects:

Maths, English, Irish, Geography, History, French, German, Physical Education, Business, Social, Personal, Health Education, Religious Education, Choir, Careers, Geographical Information Systems, Home Economics and Science.

Modular subjects:

Song writing, Web design, Drama, Media Studies, Art, Leisure, Health Related Fitness, Music, European Studies, Log-on Learning, Public Speaking, Craft, Technical Drawing Interior Design.

Carlingford Trip

Transition Year 2017 has taken off!  Our TY students have started to settle down to the demands and challenges of a very different educational experience.  On Monday they were introduced to the year, signing their Commitment to Work page and learning about their new subjects and modules.  This year, as well as continuing with very successful modules from last year eg Sport & Recreation, Chinese for Beginners and Russian, we are also involved in exciting new modules eg Nutrition and Digital Media.

The students are now looking forward to their trip to the Carlingford Outdoor Education  & Adventure Centre on Thursday 14th with great anticipation.  Their rain gear and wellies etc are being packed so that they arrive on time  at 8.15 for early assembley. The trip to Carlingford helps students bond, to get to know each other, gaining insight into group tasks and activities, and working together to solve challenges.

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