Programmes – Leaving Certificate Applied

Leaving Cert Applied:

A Different Way

The Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) is a two-year Leaving Certificate programme available to students who wish to follow a practical path with a strong vocational emphasis. It is a distinct, self-contained two-year Leaving Certificate programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life as well as further education.

The word ‘applied’ is used because the programme is designed to allow the students to apply the learning and experience they gain over the two year programme to practical educational tasks at school, in the workplace and wider community.

It emphasises a form of achievement and excellence which the established Leaving Certificate has not recognised in the past.  The programme is a more practical course with the main form of assessment being continual assessment. Students complete key assignments and tasks at specified dates throughout fifth and sixth year.

Each assignment includes an element of student reflection on their learning and work carried out, as well as developing students’ communication skills. Students also complete some final exams in certain modules where results are collated with their task results.

The Leaving Certificate Applied programme suits a student who...

  • is motivated by continuous assessment;
  • learns by doing;
  • wants to get work experience to help with future career choices;
  • wants to develop skills which will help in their future career and life.

Student Supports (2019-2020):

Leaving Cert Applied Co-ordinator: Ms McBrearty

Year Head & Tutor (integrated into year group): Ms O'Byrne (Fifth Year Head); Ms McGarry (Sixth Year Head)

Teaching Team cross-curricular approach

What are the benefits of the Leaving Certificate Applied Programme?

It recognises the many talents of all pupils;

It prepares students for adult life and working life;

It promotes communication and decision making skills;

It applies knowledge and skills to real life situations.

In and Out of School Learning in LCA:

In school Learning

  • Group work/Discussion
  • Brainstorming
  • Oral Presentations
  • Visitor to the classroom
  • Role Play
  • Questionnaires/Surveys
  • Displays/Exhibitions

Out of school learning

  • Work Experience Enterprise
  • Visits outside school/Visitors In
  • Investigations in the community
  • Working with community groups
  • Outings e.g. outdoor education
  • Interviews
  • Surveys

Modules / Subjects:

Vocational PreparationVocational Prep. & Guidance
(includes Careers, Guidance,
Career Investigation (WP) & Enterprise)
English & Communications
Vocational EducationMaths Applications
Hotel, Catering & Tourism (HCT)
General EducationSocial Education & Contemporary Issues
Languages: Irish & Spanish
Leisure & Recreation
Arts Education (Visual & Drama)
ElectivesReligious Education
Career Investigation is every
Friday (2 placements per year)
Childcare / Hair & Beauty / Animal Welfare - Testers


Satisfactory Completion of Modules62 Credits (31%)
7 Student Tasks70 Credits (35%)
Final Examinations68 Credits (34%)
Total200 Credits (100%)