Numeracy is the ability to understand and work with numbers in all areas of life. It complements literacy and is sometimes called ‘mathematical literacy’. Both skills are needed in order to function fully in modern life. Being numerate is as much about thinking and reasoning logically as about ‘doing sums’. It is the ability to use numbers and solve problems in real life. We encourage everybody to open your Maths eyes!!!

The Home Economics Numeracy notice board - May 2017

To promote Whole School Numeracy at St Dominic's, we have implemented the following:

  • A Numeracy Noticeboard at the student entrance displaying examples of Numeracy in the different subjects;
  • Signs to indicate distance from the various rooms;
  • A student Numeracy section at the back of the student journal;
  • Teachers return test scores in fraction format;
  • The language of numbers is taught in every class;
  • A common approach to teaching mathematical content;
  • A clock in every classroom;
  • A Numeracy corner in the library, with Numeracy-themed books paid for by the Parents' Association;
  • Numeracy competency testing;
  • Use of;
  • No calculator in first year;
  • Posters and charts around the school;
  • An awareness of the Project Maths strands; and,
  • Numeracy survey involving parents.

Keep a look out here during the new school year for photos of the new subject Numeracy displays!