Modern Languages – German

The students are introduced to the German language and over time are able to communicate with the people of German speaking countries. We seek to ensure that students are given the opportunity to perceive cultural awareness as an integral part of language learning and thus learn to respect and appreciate the customs and traditions of others. Our aim is also to encourage and enable students to communicate and learn from each other in German and so increase their confidence and self-esteem. Students learn to understand how German and the language learning process works through the development of the various skills involved. In this way language awareness, self-directed and independent learning are fostered. We encourage students to enjoy, be creative and have fun with language learning.

Junior Cycle German

All students learn German or French. In line with the specification of the Junior Cycle, the three strands covered are communicative competence, language awareness and socio-cultural knowledge
and inter-cultural awareness. We focus on all five skills involved in language learning; listening, reading, spoken production, spoken interaction and writing in German.

Transition Year German

Transition Year German students are involved in a number of activities to improve their oral competencies and creativity in their language learning. The activities include making their own film, booklet about themselves, leading the teaching programme with the local Primary school, language games and online language activities.

LCA German

In certain years German is taught as a module in Leaving Cert Applied on occasion. There is a strong emphasis on oral competency.

Leaving Certificate German

Students who choose to study German for the Leaving Certificate develop the four language skills tested at Leaving Cert level; listening, reading, writing and speaking. They focus on oral work, reading and listening comprehensions and also practice written production.