Junior Cycle History

History is compulsory for all Junior Cycle students. In line with the specification for Junior Cycle, our students explore human experience over time and how that experience has shaped the world we live in today. Studying History develops our historical consciousness, enabling us to orient ourselves in time and place our experience in a broader framework of human experience. Being historically conscious transforms the way that we perceive the world and our place in it, and informs how we see the future development of the world.

Transition Year History

In St. Dominic’s, Transition Year History builds on the interest and enthusiasm for History acquired at Junior Cycle Level. The History class encourages debate, discussion and the development of personal views.

We encourage independent and self- directed research, source analysis and essay writing. Pupils are encouraged to use I.T. to develop and deliver individual and group presentations. Field trips to places of historical interest will take place during the year. We have great flexibility in the courses we study in Transition Year. The courses provide a bridge from the current Junior Cycle to the Leaving Certificate course.

Leaving Certificate History

History is an option subject for the Leaving Certificate. In St. Dominic’s our senior history students embrace the world of politics, economics and religion. In line with the Leaving Certificate history syllabus, our senior students develop their ability to conduct research, analyse and assess evidence, and articulate sound conclusions. The Leaving Certificate history syllabus is divided into three sections Irish history (1815-1993), Europe and the wider world (1815-1993) and a documents based question. Students also undertake a Research Study which will take the form of a report. The Research Study can be about any aspect of history, in any period. This part of the assessment carries 20% of the
final exam.