Composing Competition

To celebrate 200 years of Dominican presence in Cabra in 2019, choral compositions are invited from established and new composers.

What is the Cabra Bicentenary Composing Competition?

The Cabra Bicentenary Choral Composing Competition is a song-writing competition which invites the submission of new music for choir from both new and established composers. The competition is hosted by St. Dominic’s College, Cabra. The winning compositions will be selected by an adjudication panel and will be sung by the Combined Bicentenary Choir at a concert to be performed in December 2019, in the Chapel at St. Dominic’s College, Cabra. As part of the awarded prize, the selected compositions will also be recorded.


Entry Form

Competition Poster

Composing Competition: Information Document

Entry eligibility

There are two categories of entry.

  • Category A: Established composers with previous experience of writing choral arrangements.
  • Category B: New and emerging composers who have not yet had material performed publicly by a choral group. This section of the competition is open to present and past pupils of Dominican Schools only.

Rules of entry (the composition entered must fulfill the following requirements)

The entry must be:

  • An original work;
  • Written for A Capella or accompanied choir;
  • No longer than 4 minutes in length;
  • Written for female voices in either unison, 2 or 3 parts – S., S.A., or S.S.A. - (additional descant or solo parts may also be included);
  • Accompanying parts may be included for suitable instrumental combinations;
  • Based on original or existing text (while the composition need not refer to the ideas quoted below*, some inspirational quotes are included which might be of help);
  • For liturgical use (it is not intended that it should be specifically for Advent or Christmas usage.

Presentation of entries

Entries can be submitted in a variety of formats:

  • Digital score - using any readily available notation package – Musescore, Sibelius, Finale etc.;
  • Digital score & recording (in this case, combined lines and individual lines must be submitted separately).
  • One entry only is permitted per person Application Process;
  • Entries can be submitted in either hard copy by post or in digital format by email;
  • Each entry requires a copy of a completed entry form to be attached, either digitally or in hard copy;
  • All entries will be considered, and a final selection will be forwarded to the selection committee for awarding of prizes;

Assessment of compositions

  • Entries will be considered by an adjudication panel. All members of the panel will have musical, choral / vocal experience.


  • Two prizes will be awarded, one to an established composer and one to a new and emerging composer;
  • A prize of €700 will be awarded in Competition Category A;
  • A prize of €300 will be awarded in Competition Category B;
  • The winning composers will be invited to attend / conduct the performance of their music at the Bicentenary Carol Service, to be scheduled in December 2019, the date of which will mark the first presence of Dominican Sisters in Cabra;
  • A plaque recording the success of the compositions and the bicentenary event will be presented to each winning composer;
  • Each winning song will be recorded. Closing Date for receipt of entries Friday 10th May 2019 - 5 p.m. - (to be strictly observed)

General Rules of Application

  • The composer gives permission to St. Dominic’s College, Cabra, to copy sufficient numbers of the music to allow for its performance in the Bicentenary Concert;
  • St. Dominic’s College, Cabra, will retain a copy of the selected score for archival purposes;
  • No commission fee will apply to St. Dominic’s College, Cabra, in relation to the composition of the work;
  • No costs in relation to the composer’s attendance at the bicentenary concert will be borne by St. Dominic’s College, Cabra;
  • The decision of the adjudication panel will be final. Beyond the date of the performance in December 2019, the compositions, while remaining the property of the composer, will be available for usage in all Dominican schools.

*Inspirational ideas:  “Carrying the light”, “Veritas”, “Laudare, Praedicare, Benedicere”, “To praise, to bless, to preach”, “Love follows knowledge” “Weavings” “On Good Ground” “Vision – caught not taught” “Signs of our Time” “Embrace the new, remember the old” “the fire of the Gospel” Contact details

All hard copy material should be posted for the attention of Ms. Patricia Feighery, St. Dominic’s College, Cabra, Dublin 7, Ireland and should be marked Bicentenary Choral Competition Entry. All digital entries should be addressed to and should have the heading 'Bicentenary Choral Competition Entry' in the subject bar. All entries received by the entry date will be acknowledged. All entries must be received by the stated date. In fairness to all contestants, late entries cannot be considered, and in this event, late entrants will be notified of same. The successful entries will be notified to all participating composers by November 8th, 2019.

All entries should include a completed entry form. The entry form can be completed online or can be downloaded and forwarded in hard copy. Click here to download the application form.

We wish you the very best of luck with your compositions and look forward to receiving and hearing your entries.


Entry Form

Competition Poster

Composing Competition: Information Document