Civic, Social & Political Education (CSPE)

Civic, Social & Political Education aims to inform, inspire, empower and enable young people to participate as active citizens in contemporary society at local, national and global levels, based on an understanding of human rights and social responsibilities. Learning in CSPE aims to foster students’ learning about, and experience of Wellbeing. CSPE is an integral component of the Wellbeing programme in St. Dominic’s College as it enables students to grow in awareness of how their wellbeing is connected to the wellbeing of others, locally and globally. It also develops students’ sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of others. CSPE helps students understand how their wellbeing and the wellbeing of others are connected.

The CSPE Course contains 3 strands:

• Strand 1: Rights and Responsibilities. In this strand, students learn what it means to live with rights and responsibilities and examine the main human rights instruments that protect people’s rights.
• Strand 2: Global Citizenship. In this strand, students explore issues of
poverty, inequality and sustainable development and look at ways to
bring about effective change.
• Strand 3: Exploring Democracy. This strand enables students to examine how democracy works and the role of the media in a democracy.