Art Department

'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.' - Pablo Picasso

Junior Cycle Art

Visual Art is available as a subject to all students in first year in St. Dominic’s College. In line with the specification for Junior Cycle, first year introduces students to the three integrated strands of Art, Craft and Design, involving practical work in a wide range of media. As a subject, Visual Art provides students with a space in which it is safe to experiment and to learn. It develops life skills such as creativity, problem solving and the ability to plan ahead. It gives students the capacity to understand and express ideas and opens their mind to a wide variety of traditions, values and cultures.

Leaving Certificate Art, Craft & Design

Visual Art at Leaving Certificate level is made up of three components. Students will undertake practical coursework including life sketching, observational drawing, craftwork and design as well as a practical exam and diverse studies of art history and appreciation. Students who study Visual Art at Leaving Certificate level will develop creative and critical thinking skills and strengthen their ability to communicate their thoughts, ideas and opinions. As they learn, students gain a sense of achievement, enjoyment and personal fulfilment as well as an understanding of the artistic process and the value of Visual Art in our society.

Transition Year Art

Transition Year Art develops creative thinking and problem solving skills in an inclusive and engaging environment. Students will undertake a range of artistic processes using a variety of media. They will work collaboratively and individually to create visually exciting artwork using digital and traditional means. It is a learning environment in which there is no single right answer and students will be encouraged to experiment, research and collect information to create unique artworks.

Leaving Certificate Applied Art

Art is taught as a module in Leaving Certificate Applied. Over the course of one year students will complete eight key assignments exploring a variety of media and processes.

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